Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If you live in Arkansas....you might want to move

So, the new year brings more than sure to be neglected resolutions for Arkansas. The people of Arkansas woke up to dead fish and dead birds, in the thousands. I'm sorry does anyone else but me find that a bit on the odd side? So the explanation so far is lightning or fireworks. I have a problem with that and here it is.....why would lightning or fireworks be selective in it's damnation? You see only one species of bird and one species of fish were killed. So the lightning randomly selected only blackbirds to fall dead from the sky, and of all the fish in the river, only one kind go belly up?
I am not sure what kind of shenanigans or goings on there in Arkansas to bring about such apocalyptic sings, but I am damn sure I wouldn't stick around to find out. For the love of chicken little, someone do something! I mean whats next, waking up to dead frogs or squirrels littering the neighborhoods? Seriously, I don't care what the scientists or biologists say about this...... it can't be good. And for the people in Arkansas, good luck with that........

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